PT8: First of All, A Note Sounded

To participate in Picture This #8, the project where photos follow from titles, you'll need to do the following. Create a photo, or up to 6 photos, if you are so inclined, with the title First of All, A Note Sounded. Tag your photos with utata:project=pt8, and please title them "First of All, A Note Sounded" as well. As usual I have to remind you that the point of this series of projects is for people to thoughtfully imagine and make a photo directly inspired by the title itself. Because of this, every submission must be a new image: we ask you not to tag any pictures you've already taken, even if they honestly seem absolutely fitted to this week's phrase. That can be a tough rule for some people -- but it's the only one we've got. You can go anywhere your heart desires with the title, whether you choose to make a literal interpretation, a half-remembered dream, a visual pun, or a full blown narrative out of the words we've given you. Have fun, and please come back soon to show us what you've got.
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