I shot some deer, yesterday. Again.

Henk van der Eijk

Elswout has its own secluded deer park, near the country house. These guys were in a completely different part of the estate, near one of the bridges built there in the 1780's (the "Grote Zwisterse brug" or "Large Swiss bridge" -there's also a smaller one and the style is supposed to be Swiss), which is the structure you see in the upper part and to the left.
Although I must have scared them because I unsuspectingly stepped out of a small garden pavilion before I noticed them some 30 meters away, they didn't run. They're probably used to having people around.

One of them stared at me for a while, his big antlers hovering above his head, while I was frantically trying to get my camera without too much sudden movements. When I finally had my camera ready, they'd lost interest and turned their backs to me.

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