the blue shelf

barbara ender

texture ray of light by tim in ohio
I use this old wooden shelf over the couch to put odds and ends that won't fit anywhere else. The camel family from Tunisia is a favourite of my grandchildren, who have managed to break off every limb and even a head. Fortunately they are wood so stick back together easily. In the foreground is a wood and bamboo alms jar from Thailand. The blue and green bottles have just navigated around till they ended up together. At the back is one of those collector's plates with kittens painted on it; I have no idea where it came from. My son bought the matryoshka dolls after his stint in the army when he set out with a European train pass and ended up in Poland. One of the smaller dolls got chewed by his dog Dolly but my granddaughter still likes playing with them. Right at the back is a square blue tile with a heart and flowers in relief that was originally part of a Victorian fireplace in Manchester. The paper leaves have been hanging there since I tried to do an old utata ip that involved paper, but it didn't work out. On the wall is one of those naïve Haïtian paintings from the Dominican Republic.

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