Shop Window

Now that winter holidays are past, those who create shop windows are free to explore and play without predictable holiday spin. Specialty bakeries to haute couture, lawn mowers to baby clothes, and everything else that can be perused and purchased are all on display in their unpredictable variety. Do some of us recall the days when shops were closed on Sundays and all one could do was "window shop"? It could be more fun than actual shopping, as the wallet was not involved and fantasies could be indulged. Let's see the unique, quirky, artistic, haphazard, and delightful shop windows in your world. The view can be from the outside looking in as well as the inside looking out. Bonus points if there is a cozy pet dozing in a sunny corner, or a window display that is still being created, perhaps with half-dressed mannequins or window dressers in the midst of their work.
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