Tableau Vivant

This weekend's project is called "Tableau Vivant" and is about ... well, tableaux vivant :) A tableau vivant is a living picture. An arranged picture. A staged one. One where you control all the elements - sort of like a still life, but usually with people. For this project a person does NOT have to be in it as we know the difficulty of finding models to don weird outfits, pose endlessly and not be concerned with "how they look". It'd be great if you can arrange it, but it's okay if you can't. What we're doing, then - is making a still life from a larger canvas than we're traditionally used to using. Instead of arranging fruit on a table, you're arranging the table. From the wiki article: "Pictures of this sort are sometimes casually called "staged photography," but this is an imprecise term – since the simple posing of fashion models in the street is also 'staged photography'. Tableau vivant ... draws on the traditions and conventions of either the theatre or painting." So, really, we're asking that you be a set director and show us a still or two from that set. Concoct a scene (or duplicate a famous one from a photo, a movie or a painting) that has clear dramatic tones - tells a story or otherwise is "more than the sum of its parts".
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