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Mark's Postcards from Beloit

I know people will be anxious to see the results of Saturday afternoon's photo-op. The weather cooperated beautifully with one glaring exception... the wind was ferocious... which kept things cool but shredded at least two umbrellas.

Isn't the woman with the bag on right just perfect for this scene?

It's early. I've had only one cup of coffee, but decided to see what would come of this one. This is just a rough draft with some processing. Click the ALL SIZES link above for a better view.

I'm angry with myself for missing the obvious people placement issues (see notes on photo). It looks like everyone needed to come forward, towards camera... too much gap between 5 folks and dog in foreground and the rest of crowd going back - the mid-crowd area.

To be sure there are more where this came from, and probably better, too. I hope other photos from other photographers will appear online soon. I can't wait to see what John Spates and Jim Simonson took.

My son was working at Walgreens' photo lab yesterday and processed film from three people immediately after the shoot. He was probably the first person to get a good look at the results. Don't ya just love this small city living?

A Beloit Daily News article reporting on the event itself appeared in the Monday, July 3rd edition: Art is alive along river

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