Blossoming Pear tree

axel stevens

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This is a blossoming standard pear tree.You've also got low-stemmed pear tres ; that's where most of the fruit for consumption comes from.This tree grows on the "Hof van Coolhem" (the name means "Garden of Coolhem" in dutch) an old estate that's now owned by the municipality of Puurs, a town in the province of Antwerp, Belgium and my hometown.There is a story (there always is...) I actually made the holes to put the tree(s) in at these old gardens when I was working as a workman for the municipality some 20 odd years ago.Together with the caretaker of the domain, we kept the huge domain tidy, cut down trees and branches, took care of the waterworks and general mainenance.Untill my Life took a turn (maybe in the wrong direction,...o.k,o.k I admit it ;-) ) and I had to quit.This domain or estate is open to the general public.

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