Raphsody in Blue

axel stevens

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His story is problably a sad story.As a member of the Utata photo group on Flickr, I had started participating with their Thursday Walks.It's a little project of theirs wherby Utata members go out and walk, or cycle, every thursday.No pressure, no must.If one feels like doing it, one does it.
This thursday I went back to the city of ghent, Belgium to roam the streets and shoot some stuff.It was about 11.00 a.m and I was gettin' tired because I had been on foot for approximatly 3 hours and I decided to take a tram back to the Sint-Pieters (Saint-Peters) Railwaystation to take the train back home.I crossed a street near the "Kouter" a huge square in the city centre and my eye caught this blue haze...I saw this beggar with a bright blue overall and a royal Mail cap sittin' there, beggin'.I put 70 eurocents in his basket and gesticulated to my camera pointing at him.The man did not object.I started shooting.Behind me a tram stopped (I was practicaly sitting on my knees in front of the beggar ) and several people got of.For a few brief moment, the world behind the camera was a blur.I heard nothing, saw nothing but this blue color and his look and just focus.I went away, excited and sad at the same time.I was thinking of Paul Gaugain, the painter.

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