Gravity Dance

axel stevens

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It's a story.It's always a story.You meet people,women,men, kids, old folks.Of the thousands of photos you take there are only a few that truly show you, what you're about, what you want to tell to the World.
Me, I shoot because now, I have to.I've come to a stage where I take pictures in my dreams.I dream a lot.I remember most of my dreams.I dream in technicolor and with sound and feeling.Sometimes, a frightening expierience.Tears roll at night.I wake up gasping for breath.Or I think I've woken up.All in full technicolor.I laugh in my sleep.That's how funny it gets.For me, that dreamworld is as real as the real world.
On rare occasions, the two collide.Through a crack in the time-space continuum our dreams flow in the real world.For seconds only, tenth's of a second more likely.That's when you better carry a camera with you as an extension to your brain, to capture this fleeting moment.So you can look back on it and gaze, amazed and bewildered.

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