The Jacket

axel stevens

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My father was a taylor and my taylor is rich he ? No, seriously ; my father really was a tailor.In the late fifties and sixties he used to work in a confection factory not far from where we used to live (by train that is) and he kind of supervised (that's a big word mind you, he had some responsebilities) a group of women.We had a sowing machine (an old one) in our home and he made costumes and dresses for clients, family and friends.He was a very social man.He liked to go out and dance and was very well liked by people (especially women) so you see the moment I set foot in this old tailor's workshop (the last of a dying breed) I got a lump in my troat and had to swallow a couple of times to hold back some tears.It brought back a lot of memories.The old tailor was extremely friendly and talkative.Me I came to know this old tailor from television ; a popular news magazine once did an entire story on this man and from then on I became intrigued.

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