Annika Johanson

Stefan Jansson

This doesn't happen every day, although it would be kinda nice if it did. I was at Lake Rudan this warm and sunny September day when I suddenly heard two girls laughing nearby. I looked up and saw them on a pier across the lake. One girl was topless and the other one was taking photos of her. Obviously this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. The photographer, who asked to not have her photo taken is Sofia Becker, an economy student from Haninge who had been approached by a company that wanted her to shoot a photo book for them. Sofia needed a few photos for her portfolio and asked her friend to be her model for the day. The beautiful model is Annika Johanson from Älta. She's currently working at Bauhaus after graduating from school earlier in the year. She's a top western rider and owns three horses. I asked her if she was any good. You could say that she responded. I am qualified for the AQHA World Championship Show in Oklahoma in November she said. Sadly Annika won't be able to participate in the World Championships as she doest have enough money for the trip. The starting fee alone is 4000 USD. A high price to pay for a ten minute show on the other side of the world. After I had taken my photos I said goodbye to the girls who probably had a few photos left to shoot. I told Sofia about flickr and hopefully she will open a flickr account any day.

This is my 89th photo for the 100 Strangers project. You can see the rest of my strangers in my Set.

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