Standing on one leg whilst looking at an Easy-Trike

axel stevens

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The street was called "Newstreet".I was taking my lunchbreak.I had arrived at the local academy for the Arts, for my photography classes, at midday just in time for the hour and a half lunch break, and decided to take a walk given the fabulous weather and see if I could shoot anything.

I came past a somewhat rundown great old house and read the "For Sale" sign and the sign that said that this great old house had previously been a youth shelter or a "Problematic youth" reassesment centre. At the same time I saw this man fiddling on what looked like a beast of a machine in the sunlit parking space at the back of the house.Now you had to go through an open gate (huge wooden doors that gave entrance to the back parking space) and whilst approaching the man I spoke out : " Hey, hello, now I don't now if i'm allowed to come here but I would sure like to take a look here.Do you personally, mind ?" He replied that, normally speaking, I wasn't allowed and if I wanted to photograph the dilapidated garages and house ?

I said I had seen him busy on his chopper-trike or easy-trike from the street and that I stood in awe for such a machine.I asked if I could take a couple of photos and I explained I was a photography student from the local academy for the Arts, a first year student, out to practice on my lunchbreak.The guy had no objections.My only concern was that he was not so keen on being in the frame.But I suppose my concerns were unfounded.Although I made it look as if I was mostly interested in the bike.

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