domingo #23

green kozi

i'm bummed this didn't come out in focus, because domingo was so very cool, and all i needed was 2 more shutter releases and i would have had it. the shot was worth it, though, so i'm posting it.

i was taking a picture of domingo's car (a '53 something) on telegraph, making a fool of myself as usual, squatting or kneeling in the rain, and domingo came out to talk to me. he says lots of people stare at his car and i'm the second person to ask him to take a picture (whoops- i didn't ask first...). he does construction and uses the beautiful, well maintained car to haul his gear around! he showed me the crap in the back to prove it. him and his buddy come every day to get fat-slice pizza, because they've "earned the grease." i agree!

domingo told me he restores other cars, and whcih ones he has at home, in oakley, but of course i can't remember because i was too busy worrying about asking him to take his picture, which he obliged. he says he likes fixing houses more than cars and asked me to call him and send him a picture of himself and his car, since he doesn't have the internet. i think i gave the moo card iwth his number to someone else. oops...

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