Seldon Scott

The last few months I've been a little consumed by trying to catch a crow in flight. They aren't uncommon around the beach here but seem a little wary of people. Also, being black makes it difficult to get the correct exposure against the bright sea and sand.

On my usual Thursday walk, this guy was pecking around the beach so I approached him, camera at the ready, expecting him to fly off at any moment. I got to within 5 feet of him and he refusued to fly. He just stood there eyeing me. I clapped my hands, nothing. I waved my arms, not a twitch from him. I jumped up and down shouting without any crow reaction.
"Ah, sod you then." I said, taking a couple of shots of him staring at me and I turned away. Sure enough, he jumped into the air and flew off. I just had enough time to squeeze a couple of quick shots off before his form was lost amid the jumble of the shingle.

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