Ardente & Xles

Stefan Jansson

When Ardente and Xles first saw me, they probably thought a crazy person was coming towards them. Because I was waving my arms around and shouting at them. Their response was an uncertain smile saying, oh oh, weirdo alert. But as they soon realised I was only trying to get their attention as Xles had dropped his headwear on the ground without noticing it. Obviously this was all I needed to get another portrait. These two friends are heavily involved in LAN Networking, hence the nicknames. Lan networking is something I know absolutely nothing about. As they told me about the website they help manage, I soon found their real names. So meet Elin and Lennart. Elin lives in Handen and when she is not setting up a LAN party she enjoys playing Defense of the Ancients, DotA. And, she is also a little horse crazy, as many of the girls I have met recently are. Lennart, who lives in Västerhaninge, is also working on that LAN website and he seems like funny guy. He enjoys playing with electronics. I like to build stuff he told me. Cool gizmo's that blinks and makes funny sounds and that you can sometimes even use! After this chat I snapped a couple of photos and then we said goodbye.

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