13.5 ÂșC

Laura Nogueira

This is my submission for Utata's Thursday walk 156. I'm not really proud about this one (or any other of the shots I got), but my back was really killing me and I wanted to do it short.

I hope to be able to do more Thursday walks, but, at least on school days, it's very unlikely, since I give classes to this boy and I always get home pretty late and then I still have to do my homework. I've thought that I could just do it with my brother's point and shoot before the class, though, I've got two hours in between. I don't know, I'll see what I do. It would be a good way to explore Barcelona, though.

Things I learnt in today's Thursday walk:

- I shouldn't be that scared of asking people to take a photo of them

- The bridge that helps you cross the motorway needs to be rebuilt.

- Beach + cold weather = a magnet to me.

- My feet are even bigger than I thought

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