Family Comes First

Stefan Jansson

This is Patrik. He was taking his dog Nisse, a Bordweiler (Border Collie/Rottweiler), for a walk when I noticed him coming out of the apartment building in Handen today. He was kinda easy to spot because of his new tattoo. Which says: Family Comes First. Thomas and Anne are his parents, and then comes the siblings. Patrik is on leave of absence from his job for something like one to three months. Sounds a bit odd doesn't it? The reason is that he works at the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company, and a while back he was stopped by the police outside Jönköping while driving 121 km/h on a 90 km/h road. The police used a laser so the result was pretty accurate. And because of that he lost his licence for one to three months, the length is not yet decided. And as his employer has a very strict policy about that sort of thing, Patrik will have a few months to do whatever he wants. Had he been clocked at 120 km/h he would have been sent home with a warning. I'm guessing he thinks about that extra 1 km/h every now and then!

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