The (former) Apprentice

Stefan Jansson

Meet Paul. He was out on a promenade with his family when I noticed him with the camera. I asked him if he was going to take a photo of Hammar (in the background), and we started to talk as the rest of his family continued down the road. Paul works at the Swedish Rail Administration. He has published a book about the history of the Nynäsbanan railway line, with another book on the same subject coming later in the year. He said he was looking for train photos and I pointed him in the direction of some of my photos. Paul is a keen photographer and has been since he was very young and had an apprenticeship with a photographer that for many years wanted him to turn pro. Today he shoots digital and has several cameras, but back in the analogue days he used a few Pentax cameras. His latest camera is a Hasselblad 500. He is interested in local history and is a member of the local historical association as is his friend Sune Nilsson and the photographer Kjell Schönbeck that I photographed a while back. I mentioned that I had just been up to the old tree for a photo and he recognised the tree when I showed him my photo. We had time to talk about a few other things as we tried to find Paul's family that had disappeared somewhere in Tungelsta.

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