A Meeting at the Rondo

Stefan Jansson

I saw this girl sitting at the tree bench reading a book and figured that to be a good photo opportunity. This is Carolin. She lives in Västerhaninge and was waiting for the commuter train. The book was a horrible auto biography about a young girl who after being raped ended up working as a prostitute. Perhaps not my idea of a light summer reading! Carolin is a student at C3J, the centre for life long learning in Tyresö. Her dream is to become a movie director. Acting is something she already enjoys. She is a member of RoJ, an amateur theatre group here in Haninge. The name comes from the initials from Romeo and Juliet, which was the first play that the group set up back in 1984. And if you are curious about the title of this photo check out this photo collage.

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