frankie and sam and scream!

green kozi

I was totally on a roll yesterday with 100 strangers, and basically, shooting in general. I don't think any of my shots were that awesome, but it was a gorgeous day, everyone was smiling, people in San Francisco were all dressed for the Sartorialist to pay them a visit, and my iPod was chanelling the mood. I was inspired for the first time in a long time. And people were into me having their picture, and I was big and brave... or something.

So I went to take some pictures of the spoons from the Scream Sorbet booth which I had first encountered at Eat Real, and Frankie, the gentleman on the left asked me if I was really going to take the picture of Sam, the gentleman on the right. So I jokingly replied that no, I wouldn't dream of it, I just wanted the spoons, and was that a bad idea? He preferred that I take a picture of both of them. Turns out they're roommates, and per Sam, Frankie follows him everywhere. I said that sounds like me and my roommate- I said Frankie (left) must come along to make Sam look good! Anyway, they were hilarious, and very cooperative. Although I *was* waiting for Sam to turn his back so Frankie could give me extra ice cream....

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