Heart NY

Linus Gelber

My wandering walk takes me more or less by chance from near Ground Zero up to the Tiles for America memorial, which remembers the deaths of September 11th.

On this fence at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Greenwich, hand-crafted tiles from all over America and the world hang by the hundreds. Most are by children and tend to be crude, honest, and sometimes heartbreaking. I had never stopped to look at them before, or not since shortly after the disaster. It's been a while since then, of course, but I have a bit of a moment there, reading the distress of a nation.

Our weekly selection of Thursday glee over in the tribal headquarters of the Utata photo group includes the ongoing Utata Thursday Walk, which is an open-ended and unstructured walk through the day, camera in hand. As it happens, open-ended and unstructured are my middle names. It's a terrific way to focus the mind's eye, and since there are no goals, I respond to each one in interesting and unpredictable ways. Or so it seems to me, at least.

I have mostly done my walks on Fridays, when I'm off work. It makes Thursdays a state of mind, which I rather like. This Thursday was my last day of work until fall, and my Friday excursion lacks focus some - which is just the way I like it, sometimes.

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