The Tides, They Are A'Changing

Tracy Lee Carroll

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As the sun rose today, change swept across our nation. A new dawn, a new light. A woman, the first ever, was sworn in as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This makes Nancy Pelosi third in line for the presidency. She was sworn in surrounded by the a crowd of children she invited up to touch her gavel. She claimed that what she was doing was not just for the children there on the floor, but all the children across America.

And, closer to home, another piece of history was made. Boston swore in an African American as the second ever elected black Governor in our country's history. He was sworn in with his hand on a Bible that was given to John Quincy Adams who received it from Africans on the slave ship Amistad after he won their freedom in 1841 in a celebrated legal case.

As I have said to some of you already, I restate here: I have a very good feeling about 2007.

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