Karen James

It's Thursday, and I'm really wanting to walk with the Utatans but it's also time for the 8:00am conference call. So, what does any good Utatan do? That's right. Camera in one hand, mobile phone in the other and two dogs and two legs... we go walking.

I'm getting an earful of PASSION from the boss. He calls it passion. I call it obstinate, focused, and loud. He's a great boss, not just because I can be out in this field of flowers with two dogs and my camera during a conference call. He's a great boss, because when I forget for a moment and a high-pitched "bunnnneeee" squeel passes my lips and leaps straight into the mobile phone in the middle of his passionate rampage, he just uses it as an opportunity to gather more wind.

Tag, you've got all my wind under those springing legs and those sproinging ears. Gotta love Utata's Thursday Walkings.

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