Shoveling Man

Linus Gelber

It has been a bumper year for snow so far, and I'm OK with that: there's something so very satisfying about snowfall, and the crunching steps it brings to city life.

This is our fourth major storm this winter, which is saying something.

Usually when it snows like this I tog up and head out to shoot, but the start of our two-day storm coincides with a bitter attack of gout in my left foot, which swells up and won't fit into my boots and throbs without stopping for the better part of a day. The storm looked wonderful - I was out in the business end of it for a short while (in sneakers!) - but I wasn't able to set up and start with pictures.

This is the aftermath; I'm visiting friends on the cusp of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens as the neighborhood begins to dig itself out.

This picture as been spotted as high as #5 on Flickr's daily Interestingness charts.

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