Curious Cat

Robin Gornell

This is Gretchen. She was my parent's cat. Since we said good-bye to Tribble and Gretchen didn't have a home anymore (too many good-byes!!), we brought her home to us. Today is the first day I let her outside, so I decided to combine my "Thursday Walk" with hers.

She is a huge cat (11 lbs) and very aggressive. I had to toss a towel over her to pick her up and bring her in. She's not an affectionate cat, which takes some getting used to. She is a basic predator. Beautiful, to be sure, but you can't let that fool you. She'll turn on you in a New York minute.

And while I wish I still had my cuddly Tribble-kitty, Gretchen is nice to have around. I hate an empty house.

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