Bag Lady Betty

green kozi

Bag Lady Betty's real name is David. The fine print on his "Please Help Coffee" sign says something about beer- he told me that is the real reason he needed some money, but that he sits in front of a coffee store, so that's what the sign said. Also, we met in the evening, so beer was most appropriate. David/Bag Lady Betty told me many, many things, and wanted to take me home, I think. He wanted to smoke me out, he wanted to drink beer with me, he wanted to tell me all about his career as an engineer with the Grateful Dead. He wanted me to take his picture, he wanted to pose for me, which he did obviously. He told us where not to buy a guitar, how to stay with the band, how to get kicked out of the band, and that you never lose your title as an engineer for the band. Bag Lady Betty recommended a concert that I should go to (maybe Kate Wolf?), the one taped to his sign, and told me he couldn't afford to travel up there, but that I should, and he told me where the town was and all of the big cities up there, even though they aren't really cities- Willits and Eureka. Finally, Bag Lady Betty went home.

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