Mr T. Bear TOs Intrepid Almost Official G20 Reporter - Exclusive News Flash: G20 Protester Arrested


Mr T. Bear is seen here relaxing after a hard day of reporting

News Hot off the Press: Mon. June 21 2010 5pm T. Bear saw his first G20 Protester arrested!!

While traveling from Yonge and Bay T. Bear came across about 10 minivans still loaded with police. And as you might be aware T. Bear has a great nose for news. So following the line of vans east to Yonge and Isabella T. bear spotted police helicopters and a parade of around 200 police with a large number of them on bicycles.

T. Bear lightening quick mind figured that with so many police something must be going down. Sure enough within the confines of the "protect and to serve" the people of our fair country were a bedraggled few maybe 10 protesters he gathered the rest of the protesters were taking a tea break or maybe an afternoon siesta. Anyway Mr. T. Bear was excited to be able to take out his trusty camera and started to take photographs of the "action". The 10 where just making their way through the police cordon.

The police had kindly left about about a 2' space for them to pass until one guy was passing through and T. Bear swears remember bears have better smell then they do eyesight) the 2' gap went down to about 1' with a police bike just touching a protester who reacted by pushing the bike away, that was enough and 4 police piled onto the dangerous bike pushing protester and before you could read this story he was carted off in an unmarked van where T. Bear assumed he was going to be given crumpets and tea. T, Bear could over hear a supervisor giving instructions for the bicycles to block the whole road off just in case the 4 or 5 protester that hadn't got through turned ugly. In reflection T. Bear thought the whole thing looked like a Police training session, practice for the big ones later this week.

T, Bear wonders why with over 1 billion dollars being spent on security why more isn't being spent on protecting the protesters?

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