The Dinkey Toy Punk Rocker

Stefan Jansson

This dude came racing towards me in Handen today and I knew I had to stop him for a chat and a portrait. This is Jonas. A few years ago probably more known as the Dinkey Toy Punk Rocker. Or Leksakspunkarn in Swedish. This is his summer outfit. Which isn't that much different from what he wears during the rest of the year, I normally have black trousers he told me, but it was too warm for that today. He got his nick name because he used to have a few Dinkey Toys hanging from his leather west. Back in the 1980's Jonas used to fly around on a pair of Skorpion skates and as you can see he recently took up that hobby again. I bought two pairs online he told me. The other pair was for his wife. They fit perfectly with the military boots he is wearing.The Dinkey Toy Punk Rocker works as a computer programmer, and on his free time he makes electronic music, and he also creates fantasy maps. You can check out what he is up to on his web site.

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