Flows like water (89:366)

Amelia White

Also #73 (A Shot in the Dark) for 112 Photos Challenge
Also Utata Thursday Walk #310
Today I went in to town for a lunch "date" and some shopping. I took my camera, meaning to take some photos while in town, but my bus arrived as I walked past the stop, so I came home instead.
So tonight I decided I would go out and take some dark photos. I actually really wanted the view south from this road, but the trees were too tall to get it. So I settled for this instead.
Frustratingly, when I got back down the hill, a police car started going up the gorge, and a train went over. So I missed both "added interest" moments!
Definitely best viewed in the lightbox / on black

Thanks for all the love everyone - According to Bighugelabs.com/scout, this made it to #96 on EXPLORE - my 4th ever, and my highest ever! YOU ALL ROCK!

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