The First of Thirteen

Seldon Scott

My first Morecambe Bay sunset of the year. It was cold, windy, lonely and beautiful out there today.. The sunset caused me to miss...

Antiques Roadshow Series 24, Hayward's Heath. BBC2. 14th february 2013. 17.15- 18.00.

Michael Aspel invites members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination. Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Mr Punch all make an appearance when the team visit Hayward's Heath in Sussex. In addition, a ventriloquist's dummy emerges from a box after 30 years and a silver-topped walking stick becomes two feet of 'deadly Toledo steel'. Expert Christopher Payne encounters a dilemma over a table which could be worth thousands more if, as he thinks, it was made on the other side of the Atlantic.

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