Thursday Walk 412

So, yesterday was the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web (and not the internet as reported by some media outlets ? the internet will actually be 50 this year!) Obviously we can't celebrate that for our Thursday walk. However, I do remember March 13, 1989 clearly. I was living and working in Montreal that day when all of Quebec was plunged into a 9-hour blackout because of a failed transformer, victim of a massive coronal mass ejection from the Sun. After arriving at work (my room mate and I thought the power was just out in our neighbourhood) we employees were informed to go home as the power was out there too. In fact the whole city was dark. So, I took the bus downtown and spent the day with my camera walking the streets of downtown Montreal. It was a nice impromptu walk. I don't think it was a Thursday, but let's commemorate that with a Thursday walk of our own.
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