The Students Doth Protest Too Much


I am turning into a jaded adult, but with good reason I think.

Hundreds of CEGEP students protested yesterday the proposal of our provincial government to increase tuition fees above "almost-free". Quebec is in a financial crisis and is one of the least productive ones per person in North America, but they think that free education is still better than learning a sense of responsibility and working hard to pay for what you've received.

A major landmark in Montreal was defaced in that protest, and I am not sure that anyone will be able to repair it. Some kid sprayed a big splash of red on it as they walked toward the Prime Minister's office.

This is not government property, it's PUBLIC property. It belongs to me, to the tourists, and to students. It's a deplorable act that shows just how much tuition DOES need to be increased: if they were working hard not to get saddled with too much debt, there would be less time to go around protesting and spraypainting landmarks in Montreal.

Ok, end rant.

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