Thursday walk 502: rainy school day

Thiophene_ Guy

Utata's Thursday walk invites us to take a camera when we might not, perhaps taking a different path, and take more photographs than usual. This is the third image in the past year that has been explored but would not exist if not for the reminder to keep trying.

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Technical Details:
The bus in the original image was too bright for my taste, and a black & white version was not differentiated at the top, so I went for a hybrid that enhanced puddle details but had more muted color. A high contrast B&W version was prepared (DXO filmpack, AGFA APX 25 preset) and blended (25%, normal blending mode) with the original to mute color. Contrast was then enhanced using Jeff Masamori's quick method (generate a copy, equalize histogram, then blend with the original).

Addendum I have since learned that the combination of a B&W image with a color one is a form of bleach bypass processing.

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