"Wisdom is the principle thing..."

Seldon Scott

The long, curved, wooden bench that wraps around Manchester Central Library. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester_Central_Library

Opposite, between the trees, is the Free Trade Hall. Built on St. Peter's field, the site of the Peterloo Massacre which followed a democracy demonstration in 1819, the hall has seen a fair amount of history of one sort or another. It's where Disreali gave his famous 1872 "One Nation" speech and where the militant suffragette "Votes for Women" movement began in 1905. Bob Dylan's "Judas" concert took place there in 1966. The punk rock movement arguably began there with a Sex Pistols concert in 1976 and I saw The Smiths give a particularly riotous performance to a wild and dangerously over-crowded hall in the 80's ;-)

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