Found Tryptich: Working by the window

Thiophene_ Guy

Experiments in contrast management.

This is cropped from TW 551: Eye contact. I was interested in this part of the image but wanted to manipulate features in both bright light and shadows. Iterations through Topaz Clarity (contrast enhancement), Silver Efex pro (BW conversion), and Topaz Restyle (tone management) got me to a place inaccessible via a Lightroom grad filter and contrast adjustment.

This image reminded me of the nebulously defined aesthetic of Felt Life before its founder and several admins abandoned the group and, in many cases, Flickr. There are now more than 362,000 images in the pool - many of them simply dumped. But if you head back to circa 2007 images (well past page 2900) you can have a glimpse of what was intended.

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