Penny Loafers

Mark Krajnak

#137 of 365 Days of Photos 2007. Utata Thursday Walk.

Why do I call these pair of Merrells penny loafers? Because I paid two cents for them back in December 2003. At an outdoor store around Christmas, I saw these on the sale rack. When I went to pay for them, the guy behind the counter rang them up...looked at me...rang them up again and said "Two cents."

"What??" I said.

"Hey, I rang them up twice and twice they came up two cents. Merry Christmas."

I gave him a dime, he gave me a nickel and three pennies in return and I had my Merrells.

Since then, they've served quite well, especially on the numerous dog walks in all kinds of weather. It may be time to retire them soon, but all in all, I think I've gotten my monies worth.

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