TW577: Morning reverie

Thiophene_ Guy

My Thursday walk in Utica, NY led me past this gentleman pondering things on a doorstep.

He: Hey, Man! You a photographer?
Me: Not really - I don't make any money from it.
He: Oh. Well, God bless you!

This image reminded me of the nebulously defined aesthetic of Felt Life before its founder and several admins abandoned the group and, in many cases, Flickr. There are now several hundred thousand images dumped into the pool. But if you head back to circa 2007 images you can have a glimpse of what was intended.

Technical trivia:
Contrast enhanced by palette replacement (Topaz Restyle, "flaxen blond" preset, 100% normal blending mode). This pulled subject details from the shadows while minimizing otherwise distracting details in the background. The yellow color cast helps it seem aged.

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