Olympic Windows

Linus Gelber

It's simply a gorgeous day today, and after a midtown meeting I secure a five-buck iced mocha (large) and set out into the afternoon. Along 25th Street the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava catches my eye. A standalone church with adjacent offices in stark Gothic design - and a statue of Nikola Tesla out front - the building is simply gorgeous, and I walk up and down admiring it and taking a few shots.

A member of the church staff comes out to see what I'm up to, and we talk about the 160-year-old complex. Originally designed by Richard Upjohn, it's in the midst of slow and careful renovation. I express my enthusiasm, and she invites me inside to see the body of the cathedral - no photographs - and taste of the inside space. It's beautiful, with light streaming through the stained glass and a perfect silky stillness, sheltered from the busy day outside.

I'm out of town until next Wednesday; more shots of St. Sava's and the surrounding Thursday Walk will have to wait until my return. Meantime, you can check out more of this particular Thursday on Utata.

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