Utata Thursday Walk 605

A five-week long faculty strike has ended and students were back in school this week. Many students are experiencing financial hardship, stress and anxiety about the affects on their semester completion. On my walk into work I noticed one student whom I am acquainted with, and decided to ask how he was doing and the purpose of the sign. He's walking his own line to raise awareness of student issues and trying to get the attention of our college's president to sit down and meet with student reps to demonstrate their concerns to him. In a way, in the spirit that is also the American Thanksgiving today, I am giving thanks to him for helping his fellow students. So that was the highlight of my Thursday Walk. Tag your photos with utata:project=tw605 and post one image in this thread to show your thanks if you are celebrating Thanksgiving, or just because you came across something interesting on your weekly photo walk day.
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