Utata Thursday Walk 615

I don't partake in too many auctions but when you have a chance to get your hands on a Polaroid Land Camera you just might register online just to make a few bids. When I signed up there was 3 minutes to spare. Of course new bids inside that time extend the bidding period by three more minutes. My bid caused the everyone else's auto-bidding to kick in so I was now the winning bidder at $6 with 15 minutes to go. A few more bids were placed until I was winning at $18.50 with 8 minutes to go. I waited and waited. Even upped my maximum bid from $20 to $25 just in case I was going to be sniped. So, for less than $20 I own a Land Camera. I've got some Polaroid 100 in the refrigerator I got off of The Impossible Project when they were cleaning out the last Polaroid factory in Germany. I think I'll get myself a pack of Fujifilm to test first. Oh and it's Thursday. I wish I could have used this camera on today's Thursday Walk, but that will have to wait. Tag your photos with utata:project=tw615 and post one small image in this thread.
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