Utata Thursday Walk 658

There used to be a smoke stack beside that yellow brick building, where that shiny new building now sits. I missed the day they knocked it down back in the spring. I guess it is a sign of the times reflecting a post-post-Industrial Age in the West. With General Motors announcing the closing of five factories in North America, we are truly moving headlong into an uncertain, unpredictable, messy future, full of smart this and smart that, a future that could bring us SkyNet, Bladerunner, Gilead or worse. But let's stay positive and hopeful. I read something today that millennials think more highly of socialism than capitalism than older demographic groups. Perhaps they see the good in the "social" when starkly contrasted with the present world of "capital". Perhaps not growing up with "gulags" in the Zeitgeist provides some measure of optimism and hope. Yes, my deep thought on a Thursday as I contemplated my Utata Thursday Walk. So, if you ventured out today and took pictures, then tag 'em with utata:project=tw658 and post one small image in this thread. And give a thought to Harry Leslie Smith, "the world's oldest Rebel," who passed into history yesterday.
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