Utata Thursday Walk 662

Yes it's the last Thursday of 2018 and it would be natural to conceive of some parting thoughts to a tumultuous year. But why do we need to here? I mean we're just a little group of Utatans who follow a weekly Thursday ritual of documenting a little photo walk on a this day. Lest we fall into our own nostalgia for what has come before, I see little need for that here. I once read that nostalgia can be corrosive. Corrosive to what you say? Perhaps our present. It tears away the sense of the moment that we try to capture in the photo walk. So perhaps nostalgia is a fitting metaphor for what we do. We try to capture the present moment, on a Thursday, but precipitate the corrosion of our memories of the present. Who am I to judge? Maybe I'm unmoored by my recent reading of Carlo Rovelli's Reality is Not What It Seems. Perhaps not at the scale of quantum electrodynamics. Nonetheless, physical reality beckons us to tag our photos with utata:project=tw662 and persuades us to post one small image in this thread, if for nothing but to say, I saw this.
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