Utata Thursday Walk 670

After three days at home from a cold it was refreshing to be able to walk outside with some purpose. Fortunately our local temperatures were above zero and we missed the freezing rain from yesterday. I at least got to finish my Carlo Rovelli book, The Order of Time and started Julian Barbour's The End of Time. Cosmology and particle physics are a hobby of study for me. I'm just fascinated by how scientists try to explain reality. Could they explain our enduring Utata Thursday Walk with a grand unified theory of everything? Can quantum theory explain the urge to walk every Thursday, taking photographs, and uploading them to Flickr? Or is better explained by classical Newtonian mechanics? Or maybe there's something to Einstein's space-time formulation of gravity? Who's to say? In any case, tag your photos with utata:project=tw670 and place one image in this thread.
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