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In the summer of 1990 I really wasn't aware of the goldenrod, a species of composite plants flowering all over North America in late August. By composite I mean a flower that is actually made up of smaller flowers, sort of like a fractal flower, to use an analogy. I was entering my final year of my undergraduate biology degree and one of the courses was a two-semester research paper on a topic that the student needed to arrange with a faculty of the department. I was interested in evolutionary biology and the expert in that field happened to study the evolutionary history of goldenrods. We agreed to have him be my advisor and before I went Montreal for my summer work term he handed me an envelope with a series of papers to read about goldenrods and some of his own research. Needless to say for the next 10 months I was immersed in goldenrods. To this day I have a fondness for them. They grow naturally around my house. Like an old friend you never tire of. The same can be said of our Thursday Photo Walks. And my, oh my, it is Thursday today. So tag your photos with utata:project=tw696 and post one small image in this thread.
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