Thursday 19th September 2019

Debra Broughton

I've been shooting this barn for over 7 years. I can't pinpoint the exact date it started because back then it wasn't a project, just a thing that caught my eye on a stroll around a Peak District village.

I like to think we've developed a relationship over time - as much as you can with an inanimate object. I've photographed it over and over, with everything from idyllic bales of hay to bare earth after the farmer sprayed it with weedkiller.

Today, I dropped by after a meeting and the field was full of sheep busily grazing. Warm, late afternoon sunshine bathed the flanks of Kinder Scout in the background, and lit up the grass turning it acid green. It was a perfect way to celebrating our 700th Utata Thursday walk.

If you didn't join us, we'll be walking again next week. - please join the group and get involved.

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