Utata Thursday Walk 722

I don't know how much of the world beyond Canada's borders is paying attention to the rail line blockades by supporters of the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs' stand-off to block an oil pipeline through their territory. The issue has been simmering for many years but has come to a head as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police try to enforce a court-ordered injunction to remove the barricades into their territory. This country has a history of using force and violence against indigenous peoples. So it is a different approach from the Government of Canada as they try to peacefully resolve the situation. My only wish is that a different road is taken in this dispute. Things are starting to move as the RCMP has offered to pull back from the territory. We must try to live our lives as we best see fit. And since it is Thursday, we can continue the Utata tradition of the Thursday Photo Walk. Tag your photos with utata:project=tw722 and post one small image in this thread.
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