Utata Thursday Walk 728

Well we are settling in to the scope of the pandemic and the mitigation that various jurisdictions have enabled. Historic does not begin to describe it. This pandemic is global. But consider that we have a global communications system, too. If anyone doubted the importance of the internet to our lives, they should be no more. Of course, this has also highlighted the disparity accessing this technology. Some of us are more privileged to have higher bandwidth or can afford it. Others, not so much. This is highlighted by the issues education systems are running into when trying to make pandemic pedagogy equitable for all. A lot to think about. Perhaps you need to a walk to clear your mind. If you are healthy and allowed in your jurisdiction, take a walk. It's Thursday and sunny where I live. So, Utata Thursday Walk it is, even if it's only within my backyard. If you are willing and able, tag your photos with utata:project=tw728 and post one small image in this thread.
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