Gardasil Schwag Bag

Phillip Chee

This bag was sitting in my lab since Tuesday but I paid no attention to it until today only because last night I watched a debate on TV Ontario about the Government of Ontario's plan to offer Grade 8 girls free vaccinations of Gardasil.

This is a toughie. My daughter will be in Grade 8 a year from now and we will have to face the issue as parents. Should we allow her to receive this vaccine or not? I'm not anti-vaccine, but you have to wonder about the motives behind a drug company's marketing of a product.

Disclaimer: I used to work for Merck-Frosst Canada, whose parent company, Merck & Co. manufactures this product. I have no vested interest in how much money they make from this so I am neither pro nor con with respect to this drug.

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