arriving appliance

Liz West

Twice a week, I work as a volunteer for an organization that collects household goods and gives them to people in need. Today, I walked around for my Thursday walk and took some pictures. This organization, the Household Goods Recycling Ministery, is run and staffed completely by volunteers. No one gets paid. Every week, donations of furniture and other items pour in and are sorted, organized, and placed on shelves. Every week, families in need arrive to pick out furniture, bedding, tableware, and other items. Last year, more than 17,000 pieces of furniture were given away. More than 3000 families were helped. It is amazing how well the whole place works.
This major appliance--a washer, I think--arrived in a pick-up truck. A volunteer will test it to make sure it works before giving it to a family.

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