Utata Thursday Walk 734

There's some good news on the horizon for our jurisdiction, Ontario. We will be entering phase one of lifting the lockdown on our economy starting next Tuesday, the day after our two-four weekend. For those who don't know what two-four refers to, it is a reference to Queen Victoria's birthday. Yes we celebrate the birthday of a 19th Century monarch of the British Empire. Her birthday is May 24th, but the holiday never usually falls on that day, but rather the third Monday of May. So that's the 18th this year. Two-four also refers to the case of 24 bottles of beer that are purchased for the long weekend to raise a glass of cheer to old Victoria. It is a fitting symbol to opening up. So, while it's only Thursday and we tag photos this week with utata:project=tw734 and post one image in this thread: Prost! (in honour of her German ancestry, of course.)
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